Sara Bonfield is the owner and founder of Studio bonbon. A designer with a strong understanding of architectural values, Sara delivers innovative and cost-effective designs for both private and corporate clients.

Elegant functionality best describes Sara’s and studio bonbon’s style. Whilst keeping to the integrity of the design, bonbon specialises in transforming spaces. Everything from the practical through to the cool. From the bulkhead to lighting. Whether it’s a restaurant, a hotel, or a family home, Sara eases the process of finding and seeing through a design project.

Studio bonbon caters for a range of budgets. Clients are listened to and their needs interpreted. If projects need other professionals, bonbon has access to an extensive network of builders, contractors, urban landscapers, architects and other consultants and can work as part of a larger team.

Studio bonbon was established in 2010. Sara has retail and commercial experience all over the world, on projects in Australia, Hong Kong, Dubai, and London.

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Tel: +44(0)7771 597524